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At Badische Stahlwerke we are looking for professionals and those who want to become professionals. Who are on fire for their ideas. Who help drive innovation and are team players. Because at BSW, the star is the team. Admittedly, it’s a pretty large team with 850 employees.

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Do you have questions about specific job vacancies? Then get in touch with us directly. We’re more than happy to help! And of course, we’re very excited to receive your application.

Rico Schmider

Personnel service team leader
Phone: +49 (0)7851 83-277
E-mail: rico.schmider@bsw-kehl.de

Julius Felder

Personnel officer
Phone: +49 (0)7851 83-172
E-mail: julius.felder@bsw-kehl.de

Responsibility as the

When most people imagine a steel plant, they envision fire, smoke, heat, and dust. Of course, at a first glance, that’s not completely incorrect – but as is the case with so many things in life: The second glance paints a different picture. Steel has become an indispensable part of our world, and steel products have to meet a high quality standard because, people’s safety very often depends on high-quality products from our company. And good products call for people with commitment, innovative ideas, and excellent training.

Personnel development

We can’t stress this point often enough: Steel is made by people for people. Of course, we want to assert our market position with our BSW products and that’s why we need qualified employees who are passionate about steel and who put their heart and mind into their work. BSW Group always has room for curious people who want to be a part of the company’s international approach and are open to other people and cultures. That’s why BSW Group has founded BAG, a training company that sets benchmarks.

Location Kehl

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