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environmental philosophy

We take long-term responsibility for the impact on the environment. Innovative technologies in steel production are an important factor in combating climate change.
We ensure that our products are manufactured by using the minimum amount of resources and creating the least possible environmental pollution. Our goal is to keep the environmental impacts associated with production as low as possible and to continuously optimize related processes.

We play an important role in the material cycle of industrial society by recycling steel scrap and reproducing new steel. Products like electric furnace slag (EOS), scale, or refractory fragments can also be recycled. For example, EOS (as BEOSALT) is used in road construction.
We ensure that we firmly integrate the requirements of the management systems (EMAS-VO, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001) into our business processes. When redesigning processes, systems, and facilities, we preemptively consider energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies.

An open, constructive dialogue with the public is very important to us. For example, we take part in various regional working groups so that we can tackle environmental and energy issues together with residents, associations, and authorities.

We provide information on the status of our goals and achievements, our key figures and other relevant topics.

We see compliance with binding obligations (laws, standards, and voluntary obligations) as the minimum standard and we believe these to be mandatory.
The training and qualification of our employees and our information policy are intended to promote environmentally conscious, energy-saving behavior. The idea management system that is in place also serves for active improvement and motivation in the area of environmental protection and energy saving.

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Environmental certificates

Sustainability is not just an option for us, it is our corporate duty. In this area, we set ourselves high, ambitious goals for the central issues related to energy and environmental policy. Because: Badische Stahlwerke would like to do everything in their power to leave our descendants a planet worth living on.



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