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We at Badische Stahlwerke turn a pile of scrap into high-quality wire rod, bar or reinforcing steel, and many other products within four hours. Our products – through market-oriented innovation – guarantee your success. Discover the diverse product portfolio of Badische Stahlwerke here.

Reinforcing steel

BSW reinforcing steel “bars and coils” is characterized by high quality and the best processing properties.

Reinforcing bars with a diameter of 10 to 40 millimetres are manufactured using the proven TEMPCORE method: The steel gets its excellent properties by quenching and treatment by internal heat. Reinforcing bars with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm are produced by stretching and then straightening.

Wire rod

The production of BSW wire rod amounts to two thirds of the total production volume of the rolling mills. This makes wire rod our main product. The wire rod is manufactured in our modern 2-strand wire rod mill and as a wage conversion. Our wire processing plants process wire rod into a wide variety of reinforcement products, such as welded wire mesh, lattice girders, reinforcement wire or spacers.


The billets, the starting material for the bar and the wire rod milling are produced in our steel with two continuous casting machines. These have been continuously optimized over the years, both in terms of productivity and quality. Here, we benefit from over 50 years of experience in steel production.

Reinforcement products

Reinforcement products

The reinforcement products from our Group of companies are primarily used in reinforced concrete construction and are in demand across Europe. The production takes place in the Group’s wire processing plants. We use modern production units such as drawing, straightening, and stretching machines and specialized welding systems for the manufacture of wire mesh and lattice girders.

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